What is Endoscopy?

At Modern Orthopedic Spine Specialists, all of the minimally invasive procedures are performed by using HD-endoscopes. During this process, the surgeon inserts the endoscope through a small incision which allows access to the surgical field and direct visualization of the nerve roots. [1]

Essentially, endoscopes provide HD footage of what the camera sees inside your body on a larger scale. The surgery is performed through a minor incision while the doctor views the operative field on a monitor. Developed by surgeons in Germany, this cutting edge technology has benefits for both the patient and the surgeon.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Endoscopic Spine surgery is the most minimally invasive spine surgery technique currently offered. “Minimally invasive” refers to any type of surgery that is performed through a smaller incision than what is traditionally used. This helps to preserve more native anatomic structures. With a smaller incision, the patient can experience a host of benefits:

  • Faster recovery time
  • Less pain
  • Less expense
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Minimal scarring
  • Minimal trauma to surrounding areas

In and Out in ONE Day

All endoscopic spine surgeries are same-day outpatient procedures, which means you spend less time (and money) on a hospital stay. Due to the fact that there’s not a large incision, there is no muscle cutting or ligament destabilization while performing the surgery. This translates to minimal trauma to any surrounding tissue, as muscles and ligaments are not disrupted.

Smaller incisions mean a quicker recovery. Clinical studies have shown a quicker return to work after endoscopic disc surgery. We know surgery can be an inconvenient interruption of your work schedule, but endoscopy gets you back to business as quickly as possible. [2]

Another benefit of minimally invasive surgeries is the use of less anesthesia. Some patients are even treated with analgesic sedation, a process in which the patient is conscious during surgery and the surgeon is able to see the patient’s reaction to possible pain.

Disc Herniation

Patients with herniated discs are great candidates for Endoscopic Spine Surgery. [3]

Spinal discs play a crucial role in the lower back, serving as shock absorbers between the vertebrae, supporting the upper body, and allowing a wide range of movement in all directions. If a disc herniates and leaks some of its inner material, the disc can quickly go from easing daily life to aggravating a nerve, triggering back pain. and even causing pain and nerve symptoms down the leg.

The “TESSYS” surgery is performed to remove disc herniation. This minimally invasive endoscopic approach allows the preservation of all stabilizing structures – ligaments, muscles and bones.

Foraminal & Spinal Stenosis

Foraminal stenosis is the narrowing or tightening of the openings between the bones in your spine. These small openings are called the foramen. Foraminal stenosis is a specific type of spinal stenosis. [4]

Nerves pass through these foramen from your spinal cord out to the rest of your body. When the foramen close in, the nerve roots passing through them can be pinched. A pinched nerve can lead to radiculopathy — or pain, numbness, and weakness in the part of the body the nerve serves.

iLESSYS surgery is performed for spinal stenosis. iLESSYS® is a modern, minimally invasive, endoscopic surgical procedure that was developed in recent years in Germany. It provides very specific advantages:

  • The minimally invasive endoscopic approach allows the preservation of all stabilizing structures like ligaments, muscles and bones.
  • Because the operation is so gentle, you need only mild anesthesia.
  • You will be able to return significantly faster to your everyday life.[5]

Endoscopy’s Growing Popularity

Endoscopy truly is the next generation solution for spine surgery. As a result of this, endoscopic fellowships are beginning to form around the nation. More and more surgeons are seeking the addition of endoscopic fellowships to their practice.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery provides safe, effective, and efficient treatment for several spinal conditions. Early scientific studies confirm a success rate of more than 93%.

The renowned U.S. research clinic “The Cleveland Clinic” calls attention to the endoscopic techniques offering significantly accelerated healing, compared to conventional methods. [6]

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