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This surgery removes a herniated or degenerative vertebral disc in your neck and replaces it with a bone graft. This can relieve painful pressure on spinal nerves.
This minimally-invasive procedure is performed through a small tubular device. It is designed to relieve pain caused by herniated discs pressing on nerve roots. The surgery is performed under local or epidural anesthesia, allowing the patient to leave the hospital the same day.
This is a surgery to correct problems caused by a degenerated disc in your spine. It creates more space for your nerves. OLIF is performed through a small opening in your side.

Endoscopic disc surgery not only requires the surgeon’s dexterity, but also background methods and technology which create optimum surgical conditions.

For the gentle removal of a herniated disc, this operational system uses an endoscopic access point via the intravertebral foramen – in other words, it uses a natural entry point.

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