A humble and compassionate family man, Dr. Armen Ogansian has seen more than most in his life. These life experiences prompted him to use his natural abilities in the service of others. A diligent work ethic, combined with a passion for improving lives, has helped to form not only an orthopedic surgeon that stands out in his field but a kind and empathetic man with a heart for his patients and family. 

Early Life and Family

Born in picturesque and mountainous Armenia, Dr. Oganesian spent his early years surrounded by the warmth and love of family and friends. It was not unusual for him to spend most of his day playing outdoors, only returning home once it was dark. 

Sadly, this happy childhood also saw war and revolution that crippled his homeland following the fall of the Soviet Union. At the age of 11, Armen and his family moved to the United States. He had to quickly adjust, but he and his brother, who is a year and a half younger, made the best of these changes and adapted to life in a new country. 

In college, Dr. Oganesian met his beautiful and supportive wife. They met in chemistry class, so you could say that it was chemistry that brought them together. But it was love that led them to marry and have three incredible children: Natalie (9), Daniel (5), and David (2). He loves spending time with them every chance he gets!

Higher education

It is not surprising that Dr. Oganesian’s love for his family would one day lead him to his chosen profession. His father, who is both a role model and a mentor to him, had a heart attack when Dr. O. was in high school. Thanks to a quality medical team, his father survived and recovered, and it was at that moment that Dr. O. realized the value of the medical industry. He then made a commitment to help others, just as his father’s doctors had helped his family.

He went on to attend California State University, Northridge and earned his medical degree from Touro University Nevada, and his MPH from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. While in medical school, he fell in love with orthopedics during his orthopedic rotation.

Orthopedics was a natural fit for Dr. Oganesian, thanks again to his father! In order to support his family, his father had taken up construction when they moved to the U.S., and Dr. O. had the opportunity to accompany and help his father during his summer breaks. Years later in medical school, he would find familiarity in tools that harkened back to those construction days with his father, only these tools were more expensive – and sterile! He excitedly realized these tools would help his patients recover and regain their function so that they could enjoy life!

Dr O Residency

Above, Dr. Armen Oganesian is pictured with his daughter during his residency in 2015.

From there, Dr. Oganesian completed his Orthopedic Surgery residency training at Michigan State University. In 2018, he served as Chief Resident and was awarded Orthopedic Resident of the Year. He went on to complete his Spine Surgery fellowship training with Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. During this fellowship, Dr. Oganesian had the privilege to learn from world-renowned spine surgeons and contribute to clinical research in his training.

Why the spine?

Enamored by its difficulty and the extra dexterity required to perform surgery on the spine, Dr. Oganesian was drawn to spine surgery since it was more challenging and detail-oriented than other orthopedic subspecialties. However, as much as he enjoys the technical elements of spine surgery, his favorite thing about what he does is hearing from his patients who thank him for giving them back their life and helping them finally be free of pain!




Dr. O. Today

Today, Dr. Oganesian specializes in adult spine conditions of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. He is versed in non-surgical and surgical treatment methods, including endoscopic and minimally invasive procedures, to promote a return to an active lifestyle. 

Beyond his clinical practice, Dr. Oganesian is devoted to high-quality clinical research and innovation in endoscopic and minimally invasive spine surgery. In addition to his education, Dr. Oganesian is a member of the North American Spine Society and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. He stays current with the latest clinical studies and surgical techniques through his involvement in national spine conferences and workshops.

He also enjoys mentoring others and helping those who dream of becoming physicians. As the only member of his family to pursue medicine, he understands the difficulty of not having someone who has already traversed this path to look to for advice. He is now there for others.

Dr O family
Despite his busy schedule, he prioritizes spending his free moments with those he cherishes most, his beautiful wife and kids. Nothing is more important than spending time with his family and being present to his children. As much as he values being the best doctor he can be, being the best father comes first. This tight-knit family enjoys traveling to new places and discovering new destinations together. In fact, they recently traveled to the scenic island of Santorini in Greece!

If you want to ask Dr. Oganesian about his adventures in Greece, or to talk about your spine, come meet him at the Modern Orthopedic Spine Specialists! 

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