Back pain can considerably affect your everyday life making normal activities not so easy anymore.  When such pain makes walking or standing unbearable, you could be suffering from a condition called Spinal Stenosis.

Who’s At Risk For Neck Pain?

  • Those With Degenerative Diseases

Unfortunately, most everyone is at risk for neck pain.  However, those with greater risk of degenerative diseases may experience it more frequently than others.  If you suffer from arthritis or MS, you might face more neck pain than the average person.

  • Sedentary Job Holders

Those who remain in sedentary positions for long periods of time may feel that pain in their neck more often than others.  That’s because there is extra pressure on the vertebrae, causing inflammation.

Neck Pain
  • Manual Laborers

If your work puts undue stress on your neck, you could be at higher risk of experiencing neck pain. Manual laborers and healthcare workers are more likely to suffer from strain on the back and neck muscles.

  • Women

Statistically, women are nearly twice as likely to suffer from neck pain than men.[2] This could be due to the fact that they report it more often, but hormonal changes may also play a role.  Regardless, women in their mid-fifties claim the highest risk.

  • Overweight People

Obesity is another factor that puts people at risk for neck pain.  Diminished muscle strength and increased strain on your joints and cervical spine are to blame in this situation.

neck pain due to texting
  • Avid Texters

With the constant use of electronics in today’s world, people often fail to realize the strain they’re placing on their necks.  The simple act of texting usually means people are bending the neck down to view and operate their electronic devices. With every bend forward, your posture worsens, leading to back and neck muscle pain.


How to Treat Neck Pain?

All’s not lost for neck pain sufferers.  Although it is very common, there are many things you can do to lessen the pain and improve the strength of your neck.

For those who hold a sedentary job, things like choosing an ergonomic chair, positioning your monitor at the proper height (to avoid neck strain), and doing stretching exercises throughout your workday can help lessen the severity of your symptoms.

In addition to daily stretching, losing those extra pounds will help even out the burden on your spine. But weight loss isn’t the only healthy habit worth developing.  You can literally save your neck by limiting your texting and phone use!  Taking advantage of voice-activated features and limiting your screen time can really help – in more ways than one.


When Should I Take Neck Pain More Seriously?

Any physical pain should be taken seriously if it affects your daily ability to move around comfortably.  If neck pain impedes your daily tasks, it’s time to bring it to professionals.  One thing to look out for is pain in the arm or shoulder.  Oftentimes, this pain actually originates in the neck.  This is a condition called radiculopathy and is a valid reason to be evaluated by a spine surgeon.

Happy Healthy People

In the end, these small lifestyle choices greatly affect the health of your mind and body.  When it comes to your neck, strengthening exercises are the best remedy. In fact, office workers who completed 2 minutes per day of resistance training with elastic bands experienced relief from their neck and shoulder pain compared to those who did nothing.  If mere minutes a day can help, why not do it?!

Ask The Pros

Dr O

Unfortunately, chronic neck pain seeks answers beyond our own knowledge and abilities.  That’s when we call in the pros.  Any good doctor will seek to treat your neck pain through phases – medication, physical therapy, or, in more extreme cases, surgery.  When you reach that point on your journey, consulting Dr. Armen Oganesian is the first step towards healing. Contact his office today.

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